We Are Washington Marijuana Farmers

Afghani-2-Top-Cut-Fams-Marijuana-Producer-Tacoma-WaAt top cut farms, we set out to make the most complete bud possible. This means attention to detail, from beginning to end. We start by finding high quality seeds of strains that we know people will enjoy, including ourselves. We then make a plan based on that plants known characteristics, such as growing habits. After initial seed planting and germination, all of our plants are cared for by hand. This means hand watering, hands on plant inspections for possible problems (insects, too much/little water, etc.,) and the handled accordingly.

Marijuana Producer For 502 Retailers

Unlike the majority of marijuana producers in Washington State, we grow our plants to full height. Allowing the plant flourish to full maturity and live a full life cycle is what gives Top Cut Farms marijuana it’s distinct, fully developed flavor.